5 Keys to Achieving a Happier Life

Posted by Sarah on July 22, 2016

life is goodWe all seek happiness. Everything we do is perhaps geared to help us achieve happiness. Everyone has a different path to happiness, but one thing is sure, happiness is a precursor to great success. What are some of the keys to achieving total happiness in life?

1.       Exercise

Taking care of your body is key to being happy. The body and mind are connected. Being physically active will improve your physical health and happiness too as it will improve the mood instantly. Exercising can also lift you out of depression. Exercising is more than going to the gym. You can incorporate activities that keep you fit on your daily routine like using the stairs instead of the elevator. Unplug from technology and take a walk every day. Aim to stay physically active for 30 minutes every day. Ensure that you get enough sleep every day too.

2.       Build relationships

Relationships that we build determine our happiness too. Disconnect from technology and connect with people. Relationships are arguably the most important contributor to happiness. Build broad and strong relationships for a happier and healthier life. Having close and positive relationships with family, friends, and colleagues provide you with love, support, meaning, and also increases your self-worth. You will get a sense of belonging from them. Take time to strengthen your relationships and create new ones to be happier.

3.       Goals

Having realistic goals to look forward to can improve your happiness especially when you achieve them. The future is uncertain and can cause a lot of anxiety to anyone. If you have a sense of direction, you will feel good about the future which reduces stress and improves happiness. Set achievable goals to motivate, excite, and challenge you. Trying to achieve lofty goals can be counterproductive, but you need to be ambitious too. When you achieve ambitious goals, you get a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

4.       Acceptance

be happyBeing comfortable with who you are and what you have plays a big role in boosting your happiness. Recognize that no-one is perfect and you will not be the first one. Chasing perfects can lead to a lot of frustrations. Do not compare yourself to other people. Avoid dwelling on our flaws and mistakes to be happy. Accepting yourself with all your flaws will make you kinder to yourself and ultimately increase your enjoyment of life. It will also make you resilient, and you will be able to accept others for who they are, an essential part of building relationships.

5.       Be Kind

Being kind to self, others, and even the environment leads to a better, happier life. Do things for those who need your help without expecting anything in return. Giving helps create stronger connections which build a happier society. If the society is not happy or if it does not promote positive relations, the negative energy will affect you too. Being kind doesn’t have to involve money, give your time, ideas and energy too.

To improve your happiness, you need to focus on your health by using only nutrition foods and trying to maintain fitness. Building healthy relations also helps you become a happier person. Happy people live longer, and if they don’t, they enjoy their lives anyway. These tips will help you achieve that.