11 Easy Ways to Build the Best Cardio Workout.

Posted by Sarah on July 18, 2016

cardio 2Cardio are very popular but very few know what effective cardio are. The most effective cardio should help you become stronger, faster, and more athletic. Every effective exercise starts by building your workout routines, one that works for you. How then do you developing a workout routine for cardio?

  1. Plan

You need to plan ahead of time on exactly what you are going to be doing. 2 or 3 sessions per week are often enough. The workouts that you plan for should get harder progressively. When you can handle more, it means that you’re progressing.

  1. Timing

The timing of your cardio is crucial especially if you end up skipping your cardio. Time your cardio on off days or do them the moment you get to the gym. The time of doing the cardio does not matter but do not skip the exercise.

  1. Focus

Focus on your cardio workout and do not attempt to multitask. Forget that magazine or book when working out. Throw them out or save it for later. Doing cardio while reading at the same time cannot make you fit.

  1. Warm-Up

A dynamic warm-up will decrease your chance of injury while increasing your mobility. It will also help you prepare the body system for the task at hand. It is easy to overlook the warm-ups skipping them is trying to hurt yourself.

  1. Avoid Steady State Cardio

Avoid maintaining the same pace for an extended period. It is not necessary or effective. Vary the degrees of intensity while will increase your metabolism greater than a steady work.

  1. Sprint

sprintIncorporating sprints on your regular run or having them as their workout session helps you improve the metabolism. Sprints also assist you to build muscle in the legs.

  1. Mix the exercises

In between the runs, try and mix in body weight exercises. Combining the exercises will help you add a strength-building component to your cardio workout. It will also break up a session that might be turning into an otherwise “boring session”.

  1. Maintain discipline

You might be tempted to slow down or take a break, or just quit altogether. Fitness is about maintaining discipline and learning to embrace the work.

  1. Cool down

Your heart rate will increase, and you need to back down. Take time to cool down as it will improve your recovery process. It will also progressively slow down your body after an intense session.

  1. Keep Track

Keeping track of how far you went and the tempo used is as important as keeping track of your weight you lift. This will help you know what works best for you and what does not so that you can make necessary adjustments.

  1. Be Consistent

One great cardio session will not count if you are not consistent. You need to get into a routine process from warm-up to cool down and then stick with it. Consistency is the key to effective cardio.

Cardio are great exercises that can help improve your strength and mobility if done well. To do them well, you need to stick to these tips.  They will help you get the best results for dedicating your time on the exercises.