What Does it Take to be Fit?

Posted by Sarah on July 11, 2016

fitFitness has become a vital aspect of our lives today. Not that it was not but the awareness of fitness and its impact on our lifestyle has grown lately. More and more people are taking up physical and mental fitness programs to get and maintain a healthy life. How then do you get fit and why does it matter?

Getting Fit

i. Develop the Mindset

Getting the right attitude will help you overcome challenges and go beyond the limits. Getting fit requires taking hard decisions and without the right mindset, you will not be able to do that. Having the right attitude, you will be able to enjoy your progress even when it is just minor improvements.

ii. Change your lifestyle

Getting fit is not only about rigorous exercises. It is a complete lifestyle transformation. Out with the bad habits and in with the healthy practices. Quit smoking, reduce alcohol consumption, avoid fizzy drinks and junk and have enough rest. Eat the right foods and spend more time building healthy relations for better physical and mental health

iii. Exercise

Exercising does not involve going to the gym only. Incorporating physical exercise into your daily routine is also important. Start spending more times outdoors, bicycling, hiking, swimming, or other physical activities in addition to the gym exercises.

Importance of Fitness

get fitFitness is more than getting in shape. There are numerous long-term benefits of focusing on fitness. These include;

  1. Obesity and underweight are a serious health concern for many people around the world, and a fitness regime helps your weight and reduce the fat. If you have the right weight and body mass index, engaging in fitness activities help you maintain your shape.
  1. Many chronic diseases are a consequence of having an unhealthy lifestyle and avoiding physical activities. Diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and stroke, which happen to be the three top health-related death causes, can be prevented if we take fitness seriously.
  1. If you are looking to be stronger, you have to engage in these activities. Fitness activities improve the strength of your muscles and bones as well as improving your joint development. Physical activities will build your overall strength and endurance.
  1. Physical activities keep organs like heart and lungs in top shape. Healthy organs lead to a healthy and prolonged life.
  1. Exercise helps improve the sleep quality. Sleep is key to our overall fitness and exercising helps you sleep better leading to a re-energized body.
  1. Exercising will relieve you from stress and also reduce the potential of becoming depressed. Physical activities can also plug you away from thoughts and activities that bring stress to your life. An unhealthy body can also cause stress to a person. Focusing on fitness will not only increase your energy and keep you physically and mentally healthy but also boost your self-esteem.
  1. All these benefits of fitness have one thing in common: they all increase your chances of living longer.

Fitness requires dedication. You need to focus on your goals and endure the challenges which will always be there. Getting fit will keep you physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. If you need any motivation to be fit, always remember that failure to get physically active exposes you to diseases such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, high blood cholesterol, heart disease, and cancer, and stress. Always remember the benefits through the pain and endure it.